Fantasy Baseball Toolkit

A compendium of some of our favorite fantasy baseball websites and community tools.

Community Tools

Jer Murn’s Ottoneu Roster Layouts 2020

40-man rosters can be unwieldy. I create these layouts every year to organize my rosters. I find them helpful during the off-season and auction draft. They’re based on Justin Vibber’s roster construction article on Fangraphs. I figure out the dollar value of each roster slot using either the Fangraphs Auction Calculator or the Ottoneu Surplus Calculator. I’ve created Fangraphs Points and 5x5 layouts using both calculators. Feel free to make a copy for your use.

The Almighty Ottoneu Surplus Calculator

You need this in your life.

Fangraphs - Auction Calculator

You also need this in your life.

Top Prospect List Compilation Spreadsheet

Via /r/fantasybaseball

Just like last year I’ve been compiling prospect lists that have already been published and have begun creating the “super list.” Since some of the sites are behind a paywall (The Athletic and Baseball America) they will not be publicly viewable but they are included in the statistics.

The source lists are directly linked in the spreadsheet itself and I highly recommend you review each individually for context and great in-depth analysis. If you know of a list that’s not yet represented, please comment below!

Fantasy Baseball Sites