About Us

The Can of Corn is a family affair. The site is run and written by three brothers (read more about us below). It’s also a love affair – with baseball. The love of baseball has always been contagious and self-sustaining in our family. We grew up listening to games on the radio, making small pilgrimages to stadiums, seeking autographs, and, later, getting drunk in the bleachers, nerding out on statistics, and hashing up sabermetrics online all year round. That isn’t to say we’re experts. Far from it. But we’ve played a lot of fantasy baseball and we have opinions and perhaps most importantly, we love the oddities of the game, so here we are.

Ottoneu is a niche. It’s also a deep well of baseball dorky goodness. So the three of us, with 10 or so Otto teams between us, have turned on the lights here at The Can of Corn to talk about all of the heartswells and headaches that playing this game brings to us. We’ll do our best to keep it on-topic, but no promises. Let’s play ball.

Who are we?

JER | Bullpen Catcher


Jeremy’s earliest baseball memory is making and delivering a “get well soon” card to an injured Greg Vaughn. His first fantasy baseball memory is him suggesting another owner pick up an over-the-hill Mo Vaughn to “sweeten” a trade. He’s learned a few things since then. These days you can find him behind a computer, scanning his Ottoneu rosters in between work, trying to work out a deal for a closer.



Based in Taipei, Taiwan, John still listens to baseball on the radio (usually on the morning commute) and manages 5-6 fantasy teams. He watches out for when MLB washouts sign in Taiwan (Manny Ramirez, Zeke Spruill, Austin Bibens-Dirkx) and tries to take in games in Japan and Korea when he can. He’s been playing fantasy baseball for nearly 20 years, and had a team in the first year of Ottoneu.

STEVEN | Ballboy


Steven has always been drawn to baseball, but he didn’t get it. He liked going to games and was mostly just in it for the hats (and the beer). He had a couple of kids, life slowed down, and now he understands how to be a baseball fan. He is in his fourth year of fantasy baseball and his third year of Ottoneu where he recently fell ass backwards into a championship. He cut his teeth in John and Jeremy’s NL-Only league and now spends his days lurking on /r/fantasybaseball.