Here Comes the Hotstepper - weekly wRC+ leaders

Here Comes the Hotstepper - weekly wRC+ leaders

I’m not going to bore you with my life story, but suffice it to say that I am neither a data scientist nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night*. I have some experience working with SQL databases and always loved writing queries, but it isn’t baked into my day-to-day life or career so it’s a skill that has fallen to the wayside. I say this because what follows isn’t groundbreaking data analysis forged from custom tables and Python libraries, but rather the outcome of a simple bloke tooling around with Fangraphs jonesing for a taste of that magical feeling when you connect the dots and can tell a story around seemingly random data.

Ok ok ok. Cut to the chase already! I hear ya. Here it is: every Monday I plan on tracking the leaders in wRC+ over the last week. Not the entire season. Not the last month. Really I just want to know who is currently on one.

It’s a simple story, wRC+, that may seem pretty obvious on the surface considering the sheer cacophony of data out there, and I’m not even sure if it has much utility for fantasy baseball purposes. But, as we say in the world of advertising, “…and I like that.” I spend so much time thinking about baseball through the narrow lens of my Ottoneu team that I tend to lose sight of what’s going on in the league as a whole, in some ways, the FUN parts of baseball. Just the easy to digest, “wow look at that” stuff. Doubtless very few of these lads are available in your Otto league, but then again randos can and will squeak their way onto this list. Looking at wRC+ over a small time span is a fun way of both seeing who is hot and perhaps more importantly who stays hot.

This then is a novice’s attempt to capture a bit of data on a weekly basis and begin a search for meaning and interesting stories to tell. Join me as we ask “who is hitting the dogshit out of the ball over the last week?”

wRC+ 6/14 - 6/20, Top 30 | table data via Fangraphs

wRC+ (June 14 - June 20)
Name Team wRC+
Carlos Correa HOU 318
Ty France SEA 309
Steven Duggar SFG 307
Adam Duvall MIA 300
Ryan Mountcastle BAL 296
Gary Sanchez NYY 295
Brandon Belt SFG 293
Kyle Schwarber WSN 279
C.J. Cron COL 263
Jose Altuve HOU 257
Guillermo Heredia ATL 256
David Fletcher LAA 250
Shohei Ohtani LAA 248
Fernando Tatis Jr. SDP 241
Whit Merrifield KCR 236
Sean Murphy OAK 230
Ronald Acuna Jr. ATL 229
Bryan Reynolds PIT 229
Cedric Mullins II BAL 215
Jonathan Schoop DET 211
Trea Turner WSN 208
Matt Olson OAK 208
Bobby Dalbec BOS 207
Nelson Cruz MIN 207
Mike Yastrzemski SFG 207
Tommy Pham SDP 205
Akil Baddoo DET 203
Rafael Devers BOS 201
Trevor Story COL 195

Steven Duggar

Who? Seriously, I don’t have a photographic memory and encyclopedic knowledge of every player who has ever lived, and I just don’t know this name. But, look! This experiment is working! I learned about a new player that I previously did not know was hitting the dogshit out of the baseball. The Can of Corn’s very own John Murn has this to say:

  • “his career OPS is grosser than gross”
  • “if you’re doing that you best get in and get the fuck out”

Carlos Correa

  • Currently at the top of wRC+ over the last week
  • Still a cheater

Akil Baddoo

Fun to see his name in the top 30. He slumped pretty hard but he’s been hitting the ball well and knows how to take a walk. I think we all want this guy’s story to have a happy ending.

Cedric Mullins

If he’s not your favorite player right now I don’t know what to tell you. True story: the first MLB baseball game I ever went to was an Orioles game in Camden Yards a billion years ago. That deeply authentic history coupled with my newfound Mullins fandom is 100% enough of a connection to justify buying an Orioles hat because it is one of the best MLB hats and I’ve been desperate for an excuse to have one.

Guillermo Heredia

Another name I have never heard before, and I want to emphasize: I read an absurd amount of baseball related content on a weekly basis. It’s ok to not know everything. But again, now I have a new player to obsess over and look into. Is he worth grabbing? No idea! That’s not the goal of this exercise right now. But just like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, The Can of Corn has an excellent corporate structure and we give YOU the tools to be your own boss.

Mike Yastrzemski

Glad to see his name up there which means he must be hitting again. You love to see it.

* I will never tire of that joke.