Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to The Can of Corn, a website dedicated to Ottoneu fantasy baseball.

Much like Jim Halpert after Dunder Mifflin was bought by Sabre, you’re probably wondering, “What’s going on?”

Hi. I’m Christian Slater. What’s it like to play Ottoneu fantasy baseball? Let’s find out together. Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At thecanofcorn.com, you will.

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks or, more appropriately, those tiny corn cob-shaped skewers you use to keep your digits out of the way as you type writer that seventh ear of corn at the Cobb Corn Boil. Whether you’re a fledgling Ottoneub or an initiated Ottoneubian, the Can of Corn is here to help.

The Can of Corn was devised by three brothers (OK one’s an -in-law, but the internet’s a lawless place, ya’ll). It’s a website that offers simple solutions to navigating this unique style of fantasy baseball. We’re no experts, unless you consider life experience, then we’re a Centenarian extolling the virtues of habitual alcohol use. We are two brothers, each with nearly two decades of participation in this game-made-out-of-a-game, several playing Ottoneu, and a third who has played fantasy baseball for just one season and is starting fresh with Ottoneu this season.

This may be written about as well as an “As Seen on TV” ad, but we offer no guarantees of success. We strive to provide content that we believe will quickly make you a competitive Ottoneu owner and help keep you competitive year-over-year. We are not the be-all-end-all of Ottoneu advice and analysis, think of the Can of Corn more like those GNC boner supplement ads (trust us it REALLY works). We simply believe in the Ottoneu format and feel that we can add to the great content already being produced at Fangraphs

So, grab your can opener, strain off that corn juice and come along on the journey with us to Dagobah. Good luck this season!

(Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)